Best Place to Get EFT Roubles - RPGStash

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Best Place to Get EFT Roubles - RPGStash

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Escape from Tarkov Roubles is the most important circulating currency for players in the game. With a large number of Escape from Tarkov Money, you can buy almost anything you want, so in addition to protecting yourself in the game, junior players must also find a way to get EFT Money.

Health Resort at the Shoreline is one of the best places to get Money, players can easily perform missions here and get thousands of EFT Roubles, if you have the patience, going to the resort can earn around 300K EFT Roubles, which is well worth it.

Players who have extra Roubles can exchange them for real money on other sites such as RPGStash. Correspondingly, if some players do not have time to Farm Money in the game, then they can also buy Escape from Tarkov Items on, the fastest way to Get the most favorable spills.
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