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#16 Beitrag von Link_of_Hyrule » 11 Aug 2007 22:31

if wyatt is the server author we shouldnt expect to see any software releases as RUNO: RE is now a closed project i though taht ruosi lost funding and was shut down ?


#17 Beitrag von Link_of_Hyrule » 11 Aug 2007 22:40

very impressive work but wyatt has said before he will not be releasing RunUO: RE maybe he will change his mind I once knew a time when I would talk to wyatt and help him test things and when RunUO: RE was released to the public maybe this can happen once again


#18 Beitrag von xray » 12 Aug 2007 07:58

i think you should stop guessing to prevent borning a rumours (like trying to do fake greek |jm|) and wait for the comments from Wyatt.


#19 Beitrag von Glad » 13 Aug 2007 15:45

Latest news:
1. TC displayed player's properties now will use equipped talismans attributes.
2. Fletcher's tools now will show correct label number.
3. Chat: support for conversion entered text into the cyrillic characters for russian text
4. Changes to support new "Target by Resource Type" macro - this macro will mine/chop the selected resource type from any node within range.
5. Changes to support new crafting menu (version
- (KR) 'Toggle as Quest Item' button: using this option, items will be marked as quest items automatically (of course if you have required quest)
- (KR) 'Make number' button: using this option, you can create defined amount of items at once. Note: process is stopping if you don't have resources, skills or failed
- (KR) 'Make max' button: using this option, you can create maximum amount of items at once, currently 99. Note: process is stopping if you don't have resources, skills or failed
- (Both) Craft menu now will show current amount of resources in your backpack.
6. The KR character sheet shows a number of new stats (version
7. The Dark Knight Challenge is now active! Cast "recall" on the rune the Dark Knight gave you to be teleported to his lair where he will challenge all comers one at a time. You will be teleported into the arena within 30 seconds or when your turn arrives, whichever is soonest. Be sure to prepare, because you can only answer his challenge once every three days!
8. Enchanted Apples and Grapes of Wrath no longer affect hunger
9. Grapes of Wrath now last 20 seconds and have a 2 minute cooldown
10. Nervestrike damage is randomized from the current damage amount down to damage - 10.
11. Snow leopards should be properly white
12. Jewelry vendors will now buy silver bracelets from players
13. Players can no longer remain hidden while mining or lumberjacking
14. Updated chances for dropping of colored wood and ML resources for lumberjacking, mining and fishing
15. Haven escorts were updated for New Haven
16. Fixed Craft Item Info gump for all items.
17. Fixed craft gumps for Masonry and Glassblowing.


#20 Beitrag von Solar » 14 Aug 2007 10:44

Hey, Glad, what is it about?


#21 Beitrag von nazghul » 14 Aug 2007 12:57

just a shard advertizement


#22 Beitrag von Freyd » 21 Aug 2007 10:44

Great work. Im really sorry about RE ist public software. was really good server and a lot of server admins used it. I hope, Wyatt will give us change to try this really nice looking