Cannot create file


Cannot create file

#1 Beitrag von Nobby » 20 Mär 2008 21:11

Hi all

I feel kind of bad that a first post in a totally empty subsection is a bugreport/question but what the hell...

I've been experimenting with new ways of bringing my modified files to my players and in the course I was trying to use Varans Autopatcher. The Patchmaker is really nice, did a great job in compressing stuff but when I try to install my changes on a "clean" UO I get a crash:

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date/time         : 2008-03-20, 19:55:40, 333ms
system up time    : 2 days 22 hours 
program up time   : 7 minutes 21 seconds 
processor         : Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU        430  @ 1.73GHz
physical memory   : 173/502 MB (free/total)
free disk space   : (C:) 18,66 GB (D:) 11,71 GB
display mode      : 1280x800, 32 bit
process id        : $f8
allocated memory  : 4,68 MB
executable        : Patcher.exe
current module    : D:\UOToolbox\OFFICIALartpatch\autopatcher.dll
module date/time  : 2007-09-11 20:45
madExcept version : 2.7h
exception class   : EFCreateError
exception message : Cannot create file D:\Kopia BASICUltimate\ť.

main thread ($2e8):
00ac543c autopatcher.dll Classes      5025 TFileStream.Create
00ac53b8 autopatcher.dll Classes      5013 TFileStream.Create
00b48a3d autopatcher.dll uAutoPatcher  413 TPatchThread.Execute
00b482c8 autopatcher.dll uAutoPatcher  284 TPatcher.ApplyPatch
00b4f9c0 autopatcher.dll uAutoPatcher 1664 TPatcher.StartPatcher
00b51970 autopatcher.dll autopatcher    24 TdVPatcher

thread $e84 (TPatchThread): <suspended>
7c810659 kernel32.dll                     
>> created by main thread ($2e8) at:
00b482b4 autopatcher.dll uAutoPatcher 282 TPatcher.ApplyPatch

00400000 Patcher.exe                    D:\UOToolbox\OFFICIALartpatch
00a80000 autopatcher.dll                D:\UOToolbox\OFFICIALartpatch
5d520000 comctl32.dll    5.82.2900.2982 C:\WINDOWS\system32
66780000 hnetcfg.dll     5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
719f0000 mswsock.dll     5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
71a30000 wshtcpip.dll    5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\System32
71a40000 WS2HELP.dll     5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
71a50000 WS2_32.dll      5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
71a70000 wsock32.dll     5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
746d0000 MSCTF.dll       5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
76380000 comdlg32.dll    6.0.2900.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
76d50000 iphlpapi.dll    5.1.2600.2912  C:\WINDOWS\system32
76f10000 DNSAPI.dll      5.1.2600.2938  C:\WINDOWS\system32
76f50000 WLDAP32.dll     5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
76fa0000 winrnr.dll      5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\System32
76fb0000 rasadhlp.dll    5.1.2600.2938  C:\WINDOWS\system32
77110000 oleaut32.dll    5.1.2600.3266  C:\WINDOWS\system32
773c0000 comctl32.dll    6.0.2900.2982  C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.2600.2982_x-ww_ac3f9c03
774d0000 ole32.dll       5.1.2600.2726  C:\WINDOWS\system32
77bf0000 version.dll     5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
77c00000 msvcrt.dll      7.0.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
77dc0000 advapi32.dll    5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
77e70000 RPCRT4.dll      5.1.2600.3173  C:\WINDOWS\system32
77f10000 GDI32.dll       5.1.2600.3159  C:\WINDOWS\system32
77f60000 SHLWAPI.dll     6.0.2900.3268  C:\WINDOWS\system32
77fe0000 Secur32.dll     5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
7c800000 kernel32.dll    5.1.2600.3119  C:\WINDOWS\system32
7c900000 ntdll.dll       5.1.2600.2180  C:\WINDOWS\system32
7c9c0000 shell32.dll     6.0.2900.3241  C:\WINDOWS\system32
7e360000 user32.dll      5.1.2600.3099  C:\WINDOWS\system32

00ac5428        push    0
00ac542a        mov     ecx, [$b58038]
00ac5430        mov     dl, 1
00ac5432        mov     eax, [$abf9d8]
00ac5437        call    -$116b8 ($ab3d84)      ; SysUtils.Exception.CreateResFmt
00ac543c      > call    -$4112d ($a84314)      ; System.@RaiseExcept
00ac5441        jmp     loc_ac5482
00ac5443 5029   movzx   edx, di
00ac5446        mov     eax, esi
00ac5448        call    -$14fbd ($ab0490)      ; SysUtils.FileOpen
00ac544d        mov     ecx, eax
I added quite a lot to the patch including files that cannot be diffpatched by it. I did NOT try patching one at a time - would be way to timeconsuming. Made only one attempt at patching the art.mul file - succesfull.

Tried to PM Varan, but he seems to be to busy with other stuff ;) so I ask the rest of you guys for help.

Thx in advance,

P.S. I have no idea why, but the original bugreport says

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 Cannot create file D:\Kopia BASICUltimate\t`.
and not "ť."