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Map generated / items /vendors / teleports .. etc

Verfasst: 07 Jul 2007 11:26
von Theoderic
Hello i have problem with UOKR map misc generation.. UOKR is hawe some customized than 2d vercion and teleports and other items are not compatibiled wit this..
Haevn is support old version vendors, doors and miscs

Thanx for help and support.

EDIT: Theoderic

I know about Nerun's Distro, but it was support last patch only v5.0.6 and dont last..

Verfasst: 08 Jul 2007 21:18
von Link_of_Hyrule
I am currently working on a project with uoml expansion and kr support and have redone some of the new haven decor and i am currently scripting all the new quests in new haven most of the other quests are done ill be releasing this in a couple weeks so keep your eyes out :)

Verfasst: 09 Jul 2007 00:33
von Theoderic
Cool are you hawe some pages about this project?.

Verfasst: 09 Jul 2007 05:04
von Link_of_Hyrule
At this time i will not disclose the link on this forum but i will contact you on msn when i am able to