Returning to the most recent edition of 2K23

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Returning to the most recent edition of 2K23

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Through college, one my most enjoyable escapes from and after class was playing the NBA 2K franchise and NBA 2K MT, specifically career mode. I poured hours into each iteration of the game for a variety of years, regardless of whether it was as a point guard for the Heat or Lakers or in another part of the league.

As the years have gone through, my involvement in 2K has been a lot less and I've found myself playing other games and more in part due to the tedious quality of the 2K franchise. In reality, it's been around a half-dozen years since I last truly played the NBA 2K game.

Returning to the most recent edition of 2K23. then it was a pleasant experience, with pleasant surprises and some frustrating results as well. There were some changes made to improve the gameas in MyTEAMhowever, there are some aspects which seem to miss the point.

Coming again to the most recent edition of 2K23 there were some delightful surprises as well as some disappointing discovery as well. There were some tweaks made to improve the gameplay- like in MyTEAM -- along with some aspects which appear to miss the purpose.

One of the first things I tried when I started the game was to immediately switch to career mode and start creating my player Buy 2K23 MT. Certain aspects of the process have changed and for the better in that they limit the possibilities of skill points and the ability to compare what kind players you've created.