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A new easily editable program for map Making

Verfasst: 02 Aug 2012 12:14
von eri
"Hi to all!

I've made a little program for map making, it's not perfect but it "begins" to work. I used openuo for uo data.
I've wrote it with C# and i made a "horrible" but functional graphic interface in WPF.
It's very easy to modify and pretty fast. It's also quite memory saver (max 3 gb of usage untill now), does someone want to help?
Is someone interested in?

If i see someone interested in the project i'll be very glad to share sources.

It's a translation in c# of the old UOTC with a GUI to edit settings"

hab das im auftrag von Xen gepostet .. kontakt vermittel ich weiter bei interesse