Need help understading encryption steps

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Need help understading encryption steps

#1 Beitrag von bill01 » 22 Apr 2009 16:08

Hi, sorry for bringing up this topic in english : (

I'm developing a client similar to Stealth. It is actually working very sweet with RunUO(encryptionless).

Some users have requested me to enable encryption in order to work with encryption based servers.

I'm having a hard time trying to understand the encryption steps. I'm using client 2.0.0 layout to perform decryption/encryption (LoginCrypt + Blowfish).

So far, here's what I understand:

client -> server (seed + 0x80) : LoginCrypt
- I can decrypt/encrypt data normally.

server -> client (0xA8) : No crypt data
- just plain bytes.

client -> server (0xA0) : Some sort of encryption.
- Here's where I am stuck. I tried to perform logincrypt and/or blowfish but none of them yields the encryption that servers expects to. As a result sphereserver complains 'invalid packet'

Could someone explain me how the login process + encryption works in a nutshell? my program already works nice with encryptionless servers, but my program needs to support encrypted ones too.