Just a reminder...

Hier wird über den Server UOX allgemein Diskutiert.

Just a reminder...

#1 Beitrag von Xuri » 20 Jun 2005 15:48

...that UOX3 still isn't quite dead ;)

I'd have written this in German, aber Ich findet es sehr schwierig. :P


#2 Beitrag von SiENcE » 19 Aug 2005 14:36

I only know RunUO, Sphere and Method.

What are the features of UOX3 and i know its in written in C. What is the scripting lang.?

Why it is named offline experiment 3 ? Is it for Single Players?
Are there any MODs or Single Player Scenarios using UOX ?


SiENcE^Iris Team


#3 Beitrag von Xuri » 20 Aug 2005 04:04

UOX3 is written in C/C++, it uses the Spidermonkey Javascripting-engine as an event-driven scripting language.

It is named Ultima Offline eXperiment 3 because it was the first publicly available UO emulator, and at the time of release it didn't have multiplayer support, but was only meant to allow you to run explore the UO world locally on your own computer. UOX2 came and went, before UOX3 arrived- which is the version the current version has evolved from.

As for features... it works with the Iris client ;) At least, did the last time I checked - which was a while ago, granted. Features? Hm. UOX3 is open source (most are, these days), compiles (and runs) on Linux as far as I know, has a scripting engine which is pretty decent in capability and yet doesn't use a language which alienates anyone who can't code. *shrug*


#4 Beitrag von GhostTyper » 25 Apr 2006 22:19

it compiles surely on linux. :D


#5 Beitrag von Xuri_D » 17 Jan 2009 22:17

Another reminder, since I need a post to be able to include links in my next post (new username, forgot password to old one, mail invalid). UOX3 is still not dead! ;)