NBA 2K23 files size is also the equivalent to two Halo Infinites

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NBA 2K23 files size is also the equivalent to two Halo Infinites

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For a long time, Call of Duty games such as Warzone were the basis of jokes about console storage and file sizes NBA 2K23 MT. Battle royale, prior being put on a size-reducing diet, could occupy massive amounts of internal storage. So would the likes of Black Ops Cold War and . But with the imminent launch of NBA 2K23, Xbox players could be getting a brand-new game to play around with when it comes down to hogging storage space.

The first time it was discovered by MP1st, the ability to install NBA 2K23 on Xbox Series X|S has demonstrated how large this year's version of the basketball game is going to be. The NBA 2K23 game's file size comes in at 152 GB that makes it one of the biggest games on the console as of now.This outstrips many titles that would be perceived to have large file sizes.

Based on listings available on the Xbox Store, the now slimmed-down Warzone comes with a size of 95 GB, GTA V is 96 GB, Assassin's Creed Valhalla comes with 112 GB And Forza Horizon 5 will take the largest chunk of your storage space. It's bigger than the enormous adventure game ARK: Survival Evolved, that comes with a total size of just under 150 GB.This enormous NBA 2K23 files size is also the equivalent to two Halo Infinites, or more than three Elden Rings.

It's also significantly bigger compared to last year's game, with NBA 2K22 coming under 120 GB on each of platforms.NBA 2K2 games are always packed with great content, but not many was expecting 2K23 to be as size it is.Let's just hope there aren't too many more forthcoming Xbox Series X games with large file sizes which means you'll need to take on some serious storage area management...

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