Diablo 2: Resurrected - Where are the Monastery Barracks

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Diablo 2: Resurrected - Where are the Monastery Barracks

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"God I swear our own team is working so hard to destroy any goodwill that the devs behind the game have created D2R Items," character artist Melissa Kelly wrote, noting they "doesn't even have this kind of chart" because their writers, producers artists, and other developers are all eyes.How do you think Activision Blizzard respond to criticism?

The company then removed all charts from its initial post, as well in any mention of its first-party teams who were testing this Diversity Space Tool, which was then described as "prototype" which is currently in beta.

"Our intent with this blog entry was to present an in-progress part of our journey through this direction," the editor's note reads. "We acknowledge and appreciate that all people may be on their own, distinct moment in their journey of equality, diversity, and inclusion[diversity, equity, and inclusion].

The Diversity Space Tool is not an exact evaluation of diversity in game content It is more of an opening to previously unspoken discussions about how intentional inclusion can take place - and thrive -- in games."

Former Disney exec Jessica Martinez joins Blizzard as the company's first head for culture in order to resolve workplace issuesThis appointment comes as part of Blizzard's strategy to build an "more diverse, fair, and inclusive workplace environment where individuals of every level are able to be challenged, grow and bring their best selves to their work," Blizzard stated in a statement.

Martinez worked for 14 years for The Walt Disney Company, where she was the chief of staff as well as a key strategic advisor. She was responsible for strategy, communications, and employee experience.

"When you create a "people-first" environment where teams feel comfortable appreciated and valued and work to achieve a common goal D2R ladder items buy, everyone thrives -that includes the employees, players and the business" she explained.