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Map editing - please recommend

Verfasst: 11 Mär 2008 21:22
von TradeMAAK
I need to edit a map in order to edit my map. I need to replace a huge landmass with water and leave some islands, maybe add some new or move them a bit. I tried centrED, it didn't work with my map. I tried world forge, I couldn't get it to work, too. Please help.

Verfasst: 11 Mär 2008 23:10
von Tantarius
mulpatcher ---> features ---> worldeditor

Verfasst: 11 Mär 2008 23:51
von TradeMAAK
Where do I download mulpatcher?

Verfasst: 12 Mär 2008 00:22
von Stordyr

Verfasst: 12 Mär 2008 00:36
von TradeMAAK
That tool is so complicated. Isn't there a manual or something?

I launched the world editor, but the map isn't like our map at all. It's just water with repetative patterns of cliffs and other weird looking landmarks.

Verfasst: 12 Mär 2008 00:51
von Stordyr
It's not that complicated ;)

you just fill in all your locations and the size of your map

select the register "features", load radarcol and map, select features and use the very intuitiv GUI for editing your map... if you finished editing just go the menu of the world editor, select patch and patch map.... ready...

if you need to get rid of LARGE AREAS i'd suggest worldforge (go to the donwload section on or if you know what you're doing just make a plain water map with dragon and use the mapcopy-feature of the mulpatcher... this should be the fasted way for overwriting big landmasses but worldforge will do...

just notice that your coasts have to be remade ;) This is .... not a very funny work ;) and i would suggest the mulpatcher worldeditor for this....

Verfasst: 12 Mär 2008 01:08
von TradeMAAK
Oh, I got it. I need to push LOAD in order to load the feature. Now I loaded everything but the map displays as just gray area :/ Also everything lags like hell! When I change resolution it blinks for a second but it's still the glitchy map. Hey, maybe you could try to launch our map, then tell me how if you succeed. It's found here - ... ories_id=1

Verfasst: 12 Mär 2008 01:33
von Stordyr
Yeah no problem to open it with the mulpatcher!

Nice map of ME btw.

be sure to enter width (6144) and height (4096) below the path to your mapfile....

for editing your map you need to fille some pathes (statics, map, art ... everything you can find on a map) .... but you just have to load radarcolor and map manualy. The rest is loaded if you start the world editor...

Verfasst: 12 Mär 2008 12:07
von TradeMAAK
Now, could you explain to me step-by-step, how do I cut the islands from this map and paste them into a new empty ocean map?

Verfasst: 12 Mär 2008 13:01
von Stordyr
For this task you should use mapcopy...
This is also a feature of the mulpatcher.
Do you have a plain Ocean map? If not you should create one (just make one with dragon)

Then you check the coordinates on the old map
You open the mulpatcher and select features. There is a part in the features for mapcopy:

In the red area you enter the source map (you ME map), the size, the x and y values for the island and in the green area you type the new x and y start (the size matches after copy so you just need the upper left point if I remember right).

Allways enter the correct values for height and width... otherwise your results could be.... strange ;)

I hope i remember the tasks right and you will be able to copy your islands. MAKE BACKUPS! :P

Verfasst: 12 Mär 2008 13:24
von TradeMAK
It's me again. I couldn't log on with me earlier profile, dunno why. So I created a new one. I have a few questions - what are the map sizes supported by dragon? What if I want to create a huge map? 4 times bigger than the default map? I would like my ocean to be very big. Sorry for so many questions, I have never done this.
Edit: I made an empty map with only water, then I tried to copy like you said, but mulpatcher threw up an error. And closed the program :( I also don't know what to write in ignore ID! Also, should I write the map size or the size of the square which I cut out?