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Arek Maldazaar

#31 Beitrag von Arek Maldazaar » 03 Okt 2007 22:34

I've already created it, you can see the results in the other topic, but it does not get you anywhere to be honest...


#32 Beitrag von GPrime » 04 Okt 2007 02:58

Well I read your post and it doesn't look like you have released it, I cant read German so I couldn't understand your website and babel fish could not translate it.

Will you be releasing source code to your program?

Arek Maldazaar

#33 Beitrag von Arek Maldazaar » 04 Okt 2007 07:34

We will be releasing it as soon as we are able to unpack UOP files, to be honest converting the facet doesn't help you, there are still a lot of problems on custom shard, that you need to solve by unpacking...


#34 Beitrag von GPrime » 04 Okt 2007 15:12

I have 5+ years programming experience in C and mostly C# but I have never reverse engineered anything like this before so I am waiting on some documentation so I can unpack the uop files myself. If you have any advice on how to decipher this new file format it would be greatly appreciated.

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#35 Beitrag von Arahil » 04 Okt 2007 15:51

how about the "uop file format"-thread in this forum?