Files DDS/bin and folders UOP

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Files DDS/bin and folders UOP

#1 Beitrag von langeblan » 22 Sep 2012 13:09


I don't know if anyone is always on this forum, look to be old date. But well, i have no choice to knock at this door, there is not lot of forum about the extraction and package of folder UOP.

I have found Mythic package editor and i try to work with for update DDS files of UO SA.

I meet lot of probleme. I can of course extract somes files DDS and MP3. But when i make a simple save after to have been a modification, the file UOP crach when uo sa is launch or the texture are purple in game. The probleme are probably the index.bin files i suppose. How can i do for work with ?

My aim it's to get back uo KR into SA graphical...

i have actually doing that in change old KR animation.uop(2007-2008) by the last animation files (2011) of uosa. i sucess to get back the high texture of characters and monsters... Got somes bug with somes mount.


But my first aim, it's to change music of game and tree, grass of the game... i want to make an unofficial patch kr to SA texture and music.

Someone can to help me to do this?

I m not a programmer.

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Re: Files DDS/bin and folders UOP

#2 Beitrag von kormkormsen » 25 Sep 2012 16:00

you will need patience.
most writers look into the forum once or twice a month.