Current state?

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Current state?

#1 Beitrag von kronos_lum » 04 Feb 2010 03:05

its a long time ago i have anything done for UO:KR and now i looked in this forum and the a lots of interesting things.

But can anybody tell me what no is possible and what not? Furthermore i am searching for the latest Source of the RunUO-Modification. Where can i find? The link in the Forum is currently down.

Here a few questions:
- Is there a stable RunUO version released?
- What is about UO:SA support?
- Is the Map/Static format deciphered? Are there any tools to handle with?
- Is there currently working somebody on this project?

Balrog of decay

#2 Beitrag von Balrog of decay » 16 Feb 2010 22:41