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KR Paperdoll

#1 Beitrag von cloudstr » 27 Dez 2008 14:43

hi guys i want to try to export the kr desktop gumps and insert it in gumpart e gumpidx files for ultima online 2d
i've extracted the paperdoll files whit kr unpacker and there are 2 .bin files
Someone can help me ?
i explain ... i want to extract image of paperdoll, bags (opened) and put it in the mul files of uo desktop


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#2 Beitrag von Galendor » 20 Jan 2009 21:48

Do you mean this?

Code: Alles auswählen
You can find it in Interface.uop in DDS format:


For image of paperdoll search in Interface.uop too, think I saw it somewhere...
Try using Unpacker and updated Dictionary.


#3 Beitrag von cloudstr » 21 Jan 2009 01:43

no no ... i speak about of the graphics in paperdoll .. like armors weamon wearable by the player
i think that are in paperdoll.uop but if you extract it .. it extract 2 files 00 and 01.bin
and i don't know how to open it :D


#4 Beitrag von maximus3 » 21 Jan 2009 04:14

yeah i also want to know how to change the paperdoll. 2 bin files, hmm any new things here?


#5 Beitrag von Kons » 21 Jan 2009 11:03

to maximus: to change paperdoll you can simply use interfaces.