I want to use static and map files and graphic in uo 2d

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I want to use static and map files and graphic in uo 2d

#1 Beitrag von cloudstr » 11 Dez 2008 12:24

hi guys i want to use static and map graphic of Kr in age of shadow
i've readed that some man have created a program that transform mul file in uop file (or file for KR) ...
I want to make from uop file (or file for kr) in mul
Can someone want help me please ?


#2 Beitrag von nazghul » 11 Dez 2008 13:23

are you sure that the map and the static items differ between ML and KR? I doubt ...


#3 Beitrag von cloudstr » 11 Dez 2008 13:30

the graphic of kr it's more more good that normal uo 2d


#4 Beitrag von nazghul » 11 Dez 2008 13:57

that's because it's 3D. Converting it back to 2D would end up in it looking most exactly like what you already have.

The map only is a bunch of numbers for each coordinate: What tile at what height. For KR the internal format was changed, but it does not depend on the map (ot the statics) how it looks.

Imagine you have a grayscale picture and colorize it. Perhaps the colorful version looks "better" (at least: different). But if you convert it into grayscale again, how do you expect it to look?

And that's exactly what you try to do.

All OSI really changed are the animations of mobiles. Most of them are completely redone from scratch. But if you "flatten" them for 2D they are just horrible (because it's not just "take a screenshot of every move" - those images won't fit into the 2D world at all. You have to resample and "redesign" them. And the result of this process is - erm - "ugly" at least)

What you are referring to, the converting from 2D Maps and statics into KR format came up because people have their own custom maps and statics they want to use with KR. The graphical representation is done by the 3D artwork in KR, then. Reverting this would not give you anything you do not have already


#5 Beitrag von cloudstr » 11 Dez 2008 14:20

i explain ... kr have ddr file .. there are the image files for items static objects houses terrain ecc..
this ddr file can be converted to bmp and use it to uo 2d ... because that image are more good quality and more beautiful than the normal 2d ones.


#6 Beitrag von SiENcE » 11 Dez 2008 15:42

You mean DDS ;-).


#7 Beitrag von cloudstr » 11 Dez 2008 15:46

now i've converted all the dds in bmp
now i must to know how to make a mul whit that bitmap .D


#8 Beitrag von Kons » 13 Dez 2008 11:39

cloud sei quello di Zulu?


#9 Beitrag von cloudstr » 13 Dez 2008 20:42

i lavori procedono anche se è un macello con le misure e i posizionamenti e anche il fatto dei 16 bit di colore


#10 Beitrag von Kons » 14 Dez 2008 17:15

Ok era solo per sapere se c'erano altri pazzi :)