Some small bit of information on 0xD9

Diskussion und Informationen über UO:KR

Some small bit of information on 0xD9

#1 Beitrag von Murzelpurzel » 20 Jul 2008 02:39

Adding to the information found on ... acket=0xD9

UO:KR always seems to send this packet. No matter what login flags you give in the server list packet.

So here is one additional bit of information. The registry key
SOFTWARE\\Origin Worlds Online\\HarvestStageNew contains one byte that states how much information was collected and sent to the server. A value of 15h means, that some information was sent and no further information needs to be transmitted. If this is the case, the client does not "harvest" any new information and only sends the following information:

D9 02 00 00 00 XX ... rest null

Where XX is the value of the registry key stated above. This is an indicator that the information was sent before.

The unique installation id by the way is the lower 32 bit of time64() at the time the instance id is generated.

Maybe this helped anyone.