Custom UI Commands?

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Custom UI Commands?

#1 Beitrag von Link_of_Hyrule » 07 Feb 2008 08:04

Interface.lua and Interface.xml are the entry point for the interface system. When you add new lua or xml files for new windows, you need to make sure these two files are updated to load the new files and initialize the new windows properly.
I was looking at the Custom UI Docs that come with the KR client (actually i think they were in the latest update) and there are a couple commands you are suppose to be able to use to make custom ui's basically this allows you to make your own gumps on the client side with out hacking the client. once we can call up lui files on the server we can just make any gump we want on the client side very easily.

anyways I was wondering if anyone knew a way to enable the commands that are described in the document

example "/script WindowSetShowing("SampleWindow", true)" is supose to make a window that you are working on pop up.

also "/debugwindow" is supose to activate a debug mode I'm assuming that these are easily enabled via a packet that has to be turned on by the server if anyone can help with this that would be awesome then we can be on our way to making all gumps including ones for admin menus and custom scripts work in the KR client

Also if anyone has gotten gumps to work with the latest kr client please share your code we really need it to continue our work thanks!