Can POL run KRclient ??

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Can POL run KRclient ??

#1 Beitrag von Idontknow » 03 Dez 2007 21:07

I have been reading this forum and some threads seem to imply that POL can run KR client, so I downloaded the "pol-core-097-2007-08-23-RC5-Coregina" and then downloaded the KRloader but when I try and run the POL app in that download, a window flashes up and goes away but nothing happens.

Any chance someone can let me know what I am suppose to do with the POL core in order to get a server up and running?


#2 Beitrag von Nobby » 03 Dez 2007 22:32

There seems to be some kind of packet problem (I think). Before the recent update KR ran OK - well... you could run around and say smthn but there were no working gumps. After the last update my POL console says:

Code: Alles auswählen

Client#1 connected from (1 connections) on interface
Client#1 i/o thread starting
Client#1 i/o thread past initial lock
Client#1 (, Acct unknown) sent non-allowed message type 8.
By the way... the core itself won't work, download the 097 distro and add that to the core.
Perhaps some one else will help you more ;)


#3 Beitrag von Idontknow » 03 Dez 2007 23:01

Ahh, didn't realize I needed the Distro as well, thanks. I am hoping some of the many smart folks here will figure a way to get KR to work, I am trying hard to learn how to do all this, but since I just started, its going kinda slow for me .