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#106 Beitrag von MagnusBr » 27 Jun 2007 21:08

The only two OpenSource clients that I know were Iris and Darkstorm's.
Iris have focus on 3D, what is pretty good but is a new proposal.
Darkstorm's is basically OSI client clone... but he stopped working and its a lot of work to keep updating it alone.
Krrio's is ClosedSource and I really believe that he'll never open his source.

If someone knows a project of OpenSource client that is trying to mimic the new UO:KR, I'm ready to start helping the way I can.
Since I dont know any client project actually thinking about work on this (and we probabilly dont have, since we actually have just a few information about the new client itself), I'm just trying some research on KR =)

And I really believe that gumps should not be a problem, at least for shards that have their own patch, in a really few time.
We just need a repacker to start checking and doing things, and I'm glad that Arahil is working on that.

Anyway, its just my point of view.
Some people still think KR is crap, but I really liked it :)


#107 Beitrag von Link_of_Hyrule » 27 Jun 2007 22:37

yeh i like kr also but i think there maybe still a way to get gump with out a patch we just need to look more

on another note just wondering what happened to the uokr forum that was here ealier?


#108 Beitrag von xray » 28 Jun 2007 11:42

I work on this tool before i found this forum and uokr nazgul loader so i guess its useless now. Anyway here its is. How it works:

Small. Hooks connect, send and recv functions, replace address to one in cheese.cfg. Dump in and out traffic to in.pkt.dump and out.pkt.dump.

This tool do not remove the encryption.



#109 Beitrag von SiENcE » 28 Jun 2007 15:30

@MagnusBr: We also have a 2D-Renderer for Iris2 (Varan (Palathir-Client) is developing this part).
Iris2 is capsulated that you can write as many Renderer as you like. We already thought of an UO:KR renderer.

So if you want to start with it, we will help you supporting and understanding Iris2.


#110 Beitrag von MagnusBr » 28 Jun 2007 18:52

Yeah. I know about 2d render.
What I meant was about the focus on 3D, that is the main proposal (For our luck. It is always good to have something new to play :P)
I really didnt know that you were thinking about a KR render. It sounds good.

I'll take a look at source again (I Still didnt on Iris 2) :)

Edit: xray, dont worry. Its always good to see different approachs. Every new work or information is always good :)


#111 Beitrag von SiENcE » 28 Jun 2007 21:45

With Iris2 we have a completely new codebase. So forget Iris1 ...we didn't take any code from there.


#112 Beitrag von xray » 29 Jun 2007 02:35

MagnusBr hat geschrieben: Edit: xray, dont worry. Its always good to see different approachs. Every new work or information is always good :)
I plan to contact with authors of uokrloader and exchange information with them to produce new version of "cheese", so i think 'to be continue' :)

And you right, in some ways methods used in cheese(for example in ip address change) differs from one used in uokrloader.


#113 Beitrag von Theoderic » 29 Jun 2007 13:24

Hi guis..

I tested this runuo modification:


with new UOKR loader from: 28.6.07 ( here link )


with UOKR patch version 2-45-3-3 and connect to runuo is good but server is send message about Client Encryption..

( sorry i dont speak german, but i understand :) )
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#114 Beitrag von nazghul » 29 Jun 2007 14:03

you really should edit out the session ID part of the URL above if you don't want your account to be hijacked :)


#115 Beitrag von MagnusBr » 02 Jul 2007 20:12

k, I'm back :P

Anyone did some research about changes on contextmenu packets?

I'll keep working on core with these things :)


#116 Beitrag von MagnusBr » 03 Jul 2007 17:43

http://rapidshare.com/files/40796430/Ru ... 3.rar.html

- ContextMenus fixed (Many thanks to Torfo for the info on packet changes. I was supposing about full cliloc ids, but couldnt imagine all other small changes)
- You can finally get items on ground if they're movable (Someone needs to check if trades and all containers are working well to pick up items)


#117 Beitrag von aleXka » 03 Jul 2007 19:20

How i install RunUOKRSupport_R3?
If i change files in "Remote Admin" by RunUOKRSupport_R3 files, emulator dont work :(
Where mast i place them?

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#118 Beitrag von RadstaR » 03 Jul 2007 19:28

Hehe sorry, but .... your question is realy stupid. How do you know about RunUO ?


#119 Beitrag von aleXka » 03 Jul 2007 19:44

RedstaR can you tell me how i do it?

p.s. I know about RunUO 4 years. I have some Experience in Sphere server but now i study c# RunUO.


#120 Beitrag von Solar » 03 Jul 2007 20:02

Where do I need to put these *.cs files?