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UOX3 0.99 Released!

Verfasst: 19 Mär 2012 20:24
von XuriDabur
Been a while, but UOX3 0.99 has been released over at :)
  • Highlights:
  • Added support for Stygian Abyss clients (classic version) from to
  • Added support for High Seas clients (classic version) from to
  • Better support for all clients from 4.0.x to 7.0.24.x - numerous packets added/updated
  • Server-support for extended tiledata/multi.mul files and items with IDs up to 0xFFFF
  • Server-support for reading map#LegacyMUL.uop files in clients 7.0.24.x
  • Improvements to World-loading and saving. About 35-40% and 30-35% faster respectively
  • Improvements to Z-calculations for player-movement - all known player-movement-related bugs squashed
  • Improvements to (Advanced) NPC pathfinding code - no more pathfinding NPCs locking up the server
  • Improvements to LineOfSight-code - no more NPCs aggroing through walls, no more checking against fixed (and outdated) list of itemIDs
  • Improvements to collision-checking for boat-placement and movement
  • Revamped spell-damage and magic-resist systems - base spelldamage now customizable
  • Added basic support for creation of Gargoyle player-characters (no flying, though)
  • Added basic and highly experimental support for UO Enhanced clients (no custom gumps, though)
  • Added more JS events and object properties: onDropItemOnItem, onVirtueGumpPress, onBuy, onSell, onBuyFromVendor, onBoughtFromVendor, onSellToVendor, onSoldToVendor
  • Added support for learning skills from NPCs through "train " in addition to the old method (" train")
  • Added support for customizing the ammo-id/color-requirements for ranged weapons, as well as specifying the effects for the missiles
  • Updated region and teleport-scripts to cover maps 2 through 4
  • Fixed issues with skill-gump not displaying skill-lock controls properly and/or crashing the client
  • Fixed various issues where NPCs would spawn in invalid locations
  • Fixed various issues with item-decay in houses
  • Fixed issue with JS File I/O that would prevent opening files for appending or writing, only reading
  • Fixed broken Bulletin Boards - which also fixes NPC escort quests
  • Fixed some compilation issues in VS2008+
  • Fixed some compilation issues in Linux
  • Numerous generic DFN fixes and additions
  • Numerous generic JS fixes and additions
  • Several server and client crashes fixed
  • Updated various UOX3 documentation (installation, configuration, server-settings, JavaScript docs)
  • A metric ton of other updates, fixes and additions
Also, my third username on these forums, as my previous two seem to be deactivated :| Xuri/Xuri_D