[ERLEDIGT] 1 Frage zum World-Design:

Hier geht es rund um das Verändern der Statics und die dazu nutzbaren Tools.

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[ERLEDIGT] 1 Frage zum World-Design:

#1 Beitrag von mungo » 23 Nov 2008 20:20

ich bin neu hier und bitte um eure Hilfe: ich verwende Xuri's Worldbuilder um meine Map mit Items zu vervollständigen.
Das Problem ist, dass das Programm die Items nicht setzen kann. Wenn ich einen Baum auswähle, und diesen setzen möchte, erhalte ich die Meldung, dass es sich um eine ungültige Eingabe handelt. "[Spam detected, speech queued for 0 seconds] That is not a valid command".

- Woran kann das liegen?
(Das Command-Prefix hab ich bereits korrekt gesetzt)

Ein Add-Menu stellt ja auch UORun zur Verfügung. Allerdings scheint es dort keine Bäume oder andere Pflanzen zu geben (außer Topfpflanzen) - Wie kann ich Bäume über RunUO setzen?

Ich danke euch schonmal!

- danke,hat sich mittlerweile erledigt. Ich verwende nun PANDORAS-BOX...


#2 Beitrag von Xuri » 18 Jan 2009 10:20

This reply is probably 1 1/2 months too late, but at least a reply will bring some closure to this post! ;)

I assume from your post that you were trying to use Xuri's WorldBuilder with RunUO. The problem with that, is that it will only work properly when used with UOX3 (which it was made for!). Any commands in WB that work with other UO emulators will only work by pure coincidence; if the GM commands in the other UO emulator is similar to UOX3, for instance.


#3 Beitrag von nazghul » 18 Jan 2009 16:36

If you could provide a list of the commands WB uses and their syntax it would be no big problem to create "wrappers" to include in other emulators' script packs to handle this (yes, I loved to use UOX once, but even today it's fast beyond the more popular emus like RunUO and Sphere; and using JS as the scriptling language still looks like a BIG misfit to me :) )


#4 Beitrag von Xuri » 19 Jan 2009 02:12

It might be lagging behind the larger emus, but I can guarantee you one thing: UOX3 will still be around when RunUO and Sphere have been ground to dust ;D

As for a list of commands WB needs to work, sure, I guess I could provide that. Though I think there are already some other tools that provide a lot of the same functionality (and more! I have barely updated WB for years - though I released a new version not too long ago heh) for the other emus.


#5 Beitrag von nazghul » 19 Jan 2009 05:39

I wouldn't bet on your guarantee.

Well, it's true that MulPatcher's WorldEditor and CentrEd are doing a nice job. Nevertheless a lot of ppl. are still stuck with WB for several reasons. And I usually do not condemn something to be dumped just because there is something newer around.

Up to you, finally.